South Dakota Retirement

Most South Dakota Retirement Plans Consist of Dying Slumped Over Controls/Work Station

In South Dakota, most retirement plans consist of dying slumped over controls/work station. As a reminder, if you feel that you are going to die soon, per South Dakota law, you must seek permission from your employer. Failure to do so may result in your surviving family members being sold into indentured servitude to pay your employer damages and/or you being brought back to life as a Servitor. Also, be sure to mindful of your replacement and put down some plastic at your working spot to catch any bodily fluids so that you can be removed quickly, and the next drone can take your place efficiently. And finally, if possible, please make an effort to utter a thank you to our oligarchs for the gift of life and the sweet release of death before you lose consciousness as an example to the other wage slaves.





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