Tribes Must Accept South Dakota’s COVID-19 Blankets Or Else

Tribes Must Accept South Dakota's COVID-19 Blankets Or Else

Gov. Kristi Noem sent letters Friday to both the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and Oglala Sioux Tribe demanding that they accept her gift of COVID-19 infected blankets into their homes.

If the blankets are not accepted within 48 hours, the state will take legal action, according to a press release sent from the governor’s office.

Remi Bald Eagle, spokesperson for the tribe, said the tribe has seen Noem’s letter and dispersed it to council members but hasn’t reached a group consensus for comment yet.

Chase Iron Eyes, spokesperson for President Julian Bear Runner, said Noem’s order is completely without authority.

“We’d be interested in sitting down (with Gov. Noem) to learn the legal, theoretical bases for (her) aggressive assertions,” Iron Eyes said. “They can sit down and talk with us like human beings, but they don’t do that. They threaten us with violence or legal charges.”

Tribes Must Accept South Dakota’s COVID-19 Blankets Or Else

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