Free the Yankton 4

The following is an email we received from a human rights activist. I knew nothing about this story until I got this email, not sure why this hasn’t been in the news more in South Dakota.

Here is a news article for some deeper context and background.

The Email:

Good day to you, 

My name is Annegret ‘Anna’ James and I’m a human rights activist. Like a typical woman I married one of my clients but this does not take away from the story.

In the spirit of STANDING BEAR:  Picture the scene. Five native Americans. The only other native Americans are their family members watching the trial. Five white attorneys. A white judge. A while court reporter dressed in western costumes. White bailiffs and security guards going out of their way to uphold the letter of the law. The prosecutors and the defense attorneys are all white. All the experts are white. Everyone on the jury is white.

Horrendous! Jury of their peers!

The state used the “drunken Indian” strategy. This is how they attempted to present the defendants. It played right into the jury. I have been told repeatedly that there is prejudice against Indians in that area. I sat through the trial and saw all. Holliday Wakefield

We are about to change history and reverse the unjust convictions of The Yankton Four. They have languished in prison for two decades for crimes they were falsely accused of and convicted on false and fabricated testimony.

Due to advanced changes in medical research and new expert opinions, the Court will have to reconsider the facts in the case and we are confident that we will receive a new hearing and trial. If this was to happen then the case will never be tried again, as each alleged victim in the case has recanted their testimony.

If you have ever supported and believed in our cause, now is the time. What occurred is a grave miscarriage of justice and it is time to fight.

We will set a precedent and prove the atrocities and the grave corruption and injustice that occurs to the Native American. This will be a cause that will change history.” Paul Bergrin

I have a Podcast i would love you to share and to listen to. I was thinking about making this whole grotesque story into some kind of satirical comic. 

I just dont think judges should rule like kings and innocent men deserve a chance. And its not ok for medical doctors to play doctor games with native toddlers for some extra dollars. 

Maybe I hear from you. Be blessed.

freedom4yankton4 “we must not be silent”

Video from 🎃 halloween courtroom hearing judge piersol against Innocence fairness and constitution. 

Free the Yankton 4

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