Old White Dudes Are Not Ok

In case you hadn’t heard of these three incidents this last week:

1) old white man shot a black teen in the head twice who then had to go to multiple houses to get someone to call 911 – he accidentally went to the wrong house to pick up his younger brother – he is in critical condition

2) a car full of white teenage girls was shot at by another old white man and a couple – trying to drop one of them off at home got lost and pulled into the wrong driveway – a couple are in critical condition

3) another group of white teenage girls was shot at after they accidentally tried to get in the wrong car in a parking lot – one is in critical condition after being shot twice by yet another old white man.

While only the first one of these shootings was due to race it sure goes to show how many old white men are just ITCHING to shoot people after years of fearmongering from conservative media outlets.

Old White Dudes Are Not Ok

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