Crank Yankers

It turns out it wasn’t a Congressional committee’s leak of Kristi Noem’s personal information that led to her cellphone number being used to make an erroneous phone call.
Rather, the incident described by the governor’s office in January as hacking of her cellphone turned out to be a prank call coming from within South Dakota.
That’s according to an arrest warrant filed in the Sixth Judicial Court this week alleging Dakota News Now reporter Austin Goss orchestrated a robocall call to an individual identified as D.L. The call appeared to be coming from the governor’s cellphone.
“The caller ID of the prank call had been set to appear as though it was coming from South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s personal cell phone,” according to the probable cause statement attached to the arrest warrant issued for Goss Tuesday in Stanley County and first reported by Dakota War College Thursday.

Crank Yankers
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