Rapid City School Board Candidate Gerald Harvey Calls For Executions Of All Democrats

61-year-old man running for School Board in Rapid City’s Area 4 has been posting tweets calling for the execution of Democrats and saying he was “ready to die” taking them out.

Local businessman and Marine veteran Gerald Alvin Harvey II replied to a post from Barbara Lee, a California Democrat and then-candidate for House, on Twitter June 13, 2019, writing: “There will BE ANOTJER[sic] CIVIL WAR…AND EVER[sic] DEMOCRAT WILL BE EXICUTED[sic]..YOU HAVE F***ED MY COUNTRY UP ENOUGH. IM READY AND WILLING TO DIE TAKING OUT EVIL DEMOCRATS FOR MY VOUNTRY[sic] AND MY President…” That same day, also in response to Lee, Harvey wrote: “THERE WILL BE ANOTHER CIVIL WAR AND ALL OF YOU EVIL DEMOCRATS WILL BE EXICUTED[sic].. GO MAKE YOU EVIL C**TS.”

“I’ll apologize for that. I was probably in pain like I said, alright, because they don’t give you no pain pills,” he said. “And I probably had like two drinks or something. I was probably pissed off. I was exercising my first amendment right of freedom of speech.”

Harvey is the only candidate so far in the 2023 school election cycle to have a political action committee (PAC) formed against him. The “We Can Do Better Than Gerald Harvey” PAC was formally incorporated Wednesday to prevent Harvey’s election. PAC Chair and local attorney Kyle Krause told the Journal, Rapid City needs candidates who are able to work cooperatively and not be fighting a culture war.

In case your wondering, here is the contact info for Harvey’s business.