Sioux Falls School District Voters Reject Conservatives by Landslide

Dawn Marie Johnson was elected the newest member of the Sioux Falls School District Board of Education on Tuesday.

As of 10:10 p.m. Tuesday, Johnson had secured enough votes (4,193), with 77% of ballots counted, for the Argus Leader to call the race. Opponent Brian Mattson had received 1,689 votes at the time and Nick Zachariasen had received 16 votes. Even if all the remaining ballots were cast for Mattson, Johnson would still be polling ahead.

Johnson will take Cynthia Mickelson’s seat by July 10, because Mickelson’s term ends June 30. Johnson is currently the director of leadership and culture at the South Dakota Afterschool Network and serves on the district’s Indian Education Parent Committee and the Bridging the Gap Community Foundation Board.