Travis Ismay: South Dakota’s Deranged (would be) King Of Pain

Travis Ismay: South Dakota's Deranged (would be) Kind Of Pain

Travis Ismay is the guy who’s trying to re-criminalize medical cannabis in South Dakota.
The Butte County Trumpist, QAnon-ish activist, and some of his right-wing friends tried to remove four of their five county commissioners from office, primarily because they have enacted ordinances to regulate medical cannabis in Butte County.

This video is long, but I edited it from 4 hours of meetings to give you the most interesting tidbits. The commissioners he constantly antagonizes losing it, his deranged conspiracy theories about how medical cannabis legalization leads to meth legalization, his defending a joke e-mail about the Klan lynching people in Butte County, and the most recent Butte county commission meeting where he got the entire room cleared during public input. (I thought Sioux Falls’s public input got wild).

So grab some popcorn 🍿 and learn about the guy who “doesn’t care” if medical cannabis helps dying people. (He actually says this in response to a county commissioner who said medical cannabis allowed his mother to pass peacefully)

Enjoy the show, and keep an eye out for this evil POS.

Read about that failed clown show here:

Read more about the actual ballot measure here:

Travis Ismay: South Dakota’s Deranged (would be) King Of Pain
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