Consistency: Because holding 33 hearings for 4 deaths and turning a blind eye to 1.2 million is just basic math, right?

An image of a man in a red hat walking, with text highlighting contrasting reactions to events under Obama, Hillary, and Trump's leadership. It mentions 2 Ebola deaths, 4 deaths in Benghazi with a 4-year probe, and 1.2 Million Covid deaths plus other incidents under Trump

**The Intricacies of Political Investigations: A Deep Dive**

When it comes to political investigations in the United States, the spectrum is vast and varied. Different events, spanning different administrations, have garnered varying degrees of attention, scrutiny, and public sentiment. This article takes a closer look at three of the most discussed investigations in recent years: the Ebola crisis during Obama’s presidency, the Benghazi incident under Secretary Hillary Clinton, and the Covid-19 pandemic during Trump’s tenure.

**1. The Ebola Outbreak and the Obama Administration**

In 2014, the world faced the severe Ebola outbreak, which majorly affected West African countries. Two Americans tragically lost their lives due to the disease, leading to a flurry of concerns about the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis.

**2. Benghazi and Secretary Hillary Clinton**

Perhaps one of the most intensely scrutinized events was the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, tragically lost their lives. This incident led to a four-year-long investigation, during which Secretary Hillary Clinton was called to testify for a marathon 11 hours. The probe culminated in a detailed report but remained a contentious topic in political discussions.

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**3. Covid-19, the Trump Era, and Beyond**

The global Covid-19 pandemic struck during Trump’s presidency, leading to a multitude of challenges and a significant death toll. The image cites 1.2 million Covid deaths in the U.S., highlighting the gravity of the situation. While there were multiple discussions around the administration’s response, it remains a topic of intense debate. Additionally, the period saw other events like an armed insurrection and classified document theft, which have also been subjects of concern and investigation.


The landscape of political investigations in the U.S. is as diverse as it is intricate. The reactions, responses, and outcomes of each investigation are often influenced by a mix of factual findings and political sentiments. While the three events discussed here offer just a glimpse into this vast arena, they underscore the importance of transparency, accountability, and the role of public discourse in shaping our understanding of events.

Consistency: Because holding 33 hearings for 4 deaths and turning a blind eye to 1.2 million is just basic math, right?
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