Punks are nice people who want you to think they’re bad, hippies are bad people who want you to think they’re nice

A meme with a colorful psychedelic background. It prominently displays the text "WHITE HIPPIES are just" at the top. Below, there are three images of individuals dressed in what appears to be bohemian or hippie attire. The largest text at the bottom reads "acoustic RACISTS". A watermark on the left corner credits "@decolonial.meme.queens".

### The Psychedelic World of Hippies: A Far-Out Trip Down Memory Lane

Ah, the hippies. The kaleidoscopic visionaries of the 1960s and 70s, bursting with tie-dye tees and hallucinogenic dreams. Let’s take a whimsical journey back in time and discover the somewhat outrageous evolution of this flower-powered revolution in the United States.

#### The “We’re-So-Different” Beginnings
Before we were using ‘hip’ to describe those painfully narrow jeans, ‘hip’ denoted being in the know. That’s where our flower children get their moniker – because obviously, if you’re rebelling against consumerism and supporting peace, you’re the hippest cat in town.

#### Social Turbulence & The Vietnam War
Amidst the technicolor backdrop of the 1960s, the U.S. was grappling with civil rights movements, and a rather unpopular trip to Vietnam. Enter our barefooted, anti-war protestors. Waving daisies, not just because they loved Mother Nature, but as symbols against the war’s brutality.

#### Summer of Love & Woodstock
1967’s Summer of Love in San Francisco was basically the Woodstock pregame. Haight-Ashbury became the epicenter for free love, music, and enough acid to probably see through dimensions. Fast forward to 1969, and Woodstock solidified hippies as rockstars of counterculture. Three days of peace, love, and muddy encounters on a farm.

#### Fashion & Music: Far-Out, Man
The hippie aesthetic? It’s as if a rainbow threw up on a canvas and added some fringe. And let’s not forget the icons who provided the soundtrack to this groovy movement – The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and a few others who probably never knew what a 9-to-5 felt like.

#### The Downfall: From Idealism to Commercialism
Like all good things, the pure ideals of the hippie movement had an expiration date. By the mid-70s, it was less about peace and more about that piece of merch you could sell. Big corporations saw dollar signs in those peace symbols, and just like that, the dream was commercialized.

#### A Legacy That’s Still, Kinda, Sorta Around
While the true essence of the hippie movement may have faded like an old pair of bell-bottoms, its legacy lives on. Nowadays, it’s a little less ‘fight the power’ and a bit more ‘which essential oil will align my chakras?’

In conclusion, while we may chuckle at their free-spirited antics and questionable fashion choices, the hippie movement undeniably left its mark on the United States. And hey, they did give us some killer tunes and a solid reason to wear flowers in our hair. Peace out! ✌️

Punks are nice people who want you to think they’re bad, hippies are bad people who want you to think they’re nice
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