Return Of The Ozzy

Above reads “ Ozzy out here looking like he wishes Faramir would have been the one to die.” A man with long gray hair, wearing a dark suit, looking intently to his left against a light background.

Ever wondered how it would look like if Ozzy Osbourne had a twin in Middle Earth? Well, you are about to be enlightened, as we delve into this hilarious comparison of the Prince of Darkness imitating Denethor II, the Steward of Gondor from the infamous Lord of the Rings.

Believe it or not, Ozzy has traded his signature black hair for a more Gandalf-esque look. With the silvery grey locks and a gaze as intense as any character in a Tolkien novel, he is not far from embodying his doppelgänger, the doom-laden Steward of Gondor. Could it be that the fantasy realm of Middle Earth has finally invaded our rock and roll world?

Remember Denethor’s bulging eyes and dramatics during the fall of Gondor? Ozzy has perfected that art too. His sharp gaze, though slightly amiss of Denethor’s madness, seems to hold a similar amount of chaotic energy. Except, instead of ordering hobbits about, he’s been known to command bats. Same energy, different kingdoms.

Interestingly, Ozzy has also taken to wearing dark suits – perhaps he’s been attending too many funerals, or he’s simply trying to channel Denethor’s constant mourning attire.

And speaking of funerals, let’s talk about their common fondness for flames. While Denethor tragically immolated himself in a fit of despair, the Prince of Darkness hasn’t shied away from his fair share of pyrotechnics. Ozzy’s concerts are known for their flaming spectacle. Perhaps they’re both just fans of a good old-fashioned blaze.

These uncanny resemblances between the two have nothing to do with them growing old, of course. It’s simply a matter of two worlds colliding, rock ‘n roll meeting fantasy, proving that irrespective of the genre, dramatics, long hair, and a penchant for the darker side are evergreen trends.

At the end of the day, Ozzy might be getting old, but his spirit is still as young and eccentric as ever. Maybe he’s not so different from Denethor, after all. They both share a determination to stick to their guns, regardless of how the world crumbles around them.

And if you see Ozzy stomp into your local tavern demanding the finest Southfarthing weed, don’t be alarmed. He’s probably just getting into character.

So, here’s to ageing gracefully, eh? Whether you’re a rock star or a steward, old age doesn’t mean you can’t rock a new look, even if it’s plucked straight out of a fantasy novel. Just remember, no matter how much you look like a Middle Earth character, try not to end your reign in a blaze of glory. That’s so last age.

Return Of The Ozzy
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