"A promotional poster for an event organized by BHSU DEMS titled 'LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!'. The background features white stars on a navy blue setting. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, October 24, from 9 AM to 2 PM at the BHSU Student Union Lobby (near Starbucks). Illustrated images show a ballot box with 'LET ALL VOTE', an icon representing 'ROE V. WADE', a group of hands with the text 'RESTORE HEALTHCARE RIGHTS', and a sign saying 'REPEAL THE 4.6% GROCERY TAX'. The poster encourages South Dakota voters to come sign petitions and offers assistance for voter registration. A logo for 'BHSU Student Organizations' is at the bottom left. A footnote mentions accommodations available for persons with disabilities and provides a contact number and email for more information."

Greetings, beloved citizens of South Dakota! Whether you’re a homegrown resident or a tumbleweed that’s just rolled in, the BHSU DEMS invite you to the political equivalent of the Bake Off. Only this time, instead of grannies with secret pie recipes, we have politicians with secret agendas.

On Tuesday, October 24th, from the unholy hour of 9 AM until the slightly less unholy 2 PM, the BHSU Student Union Lobby (conveniently located near a Starbucks for those of us who see 9 AM as an uncivilized time to be conscious) is going to be awash with the democratic process at its most elemental level: the petition signing.

Here’s what we have cooking on the docket.

The ballot box will be front and center, emblazoned with the words “LET ALL VOTE.” Subtle, we know. Meanwhile, an icon will valiantly stand as the representative for “ROE V. WADE,” incontrovertibly proving that symbols can indeed be worth a thousand words, especially when those words are tied to landmark Supreme Court cases.

A horde of illustrated hands will defiantly raise the banner that says, “RESTORE HEALTHCARE RIGHTS.” Because if 2020 has proven anything, it’s that personal health is indeed a public matter.

And just when you thought we couldn’t pile on any more impassioned causes, there’s a sign demanding “REPEAL THE 4.6% GROCERY TAX.” Because nothing says political activism quite like reducing the cost of your weekly grocery haul.

Don’t know if you’re registered to vote? Not to worry! We’ll have eager members on hand, ready to shepherd you through the wild world of voter registration. We promise it’s less painful than a root canal and significantly more important.

And for the eagle-eyed among you, yes, that is indeed the BHSU Student Organizations logo on our promotional materials. We’re nothing if not proud of our institutional home.

Now, we do understand that not everyone in our vast audience is an able-bodied, caffeine-powered, petition-signing machine. So, for those who need accommodations, we ask that you contact our resident superhero,, at least 48 hours before the event. He can also be reached by carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or at 605.642.6271.

So, come on down. Sign a petition. Register to vote. Engage in the democratic process. Because here at BHSU DEMS, we heartily believe in letting the people decide. We’ll even throw in a free Starbucks coffee. (Okay, not really, but we got your attention, didn’t we?) Let’s make democracy sexy again, South Dakota. Will we see you there?

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