Biden and Trump statistically tied as of today

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Well, folks, it seems the race between Biden and Trump for the 2024 election is heating up – or cooling down, depending on how you like your political potboilers! According to a recent PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll, these two heavyweight contenders might as well tie themselves together and sing Kumbaya because they’re currently running neck and neck in the popularity stakes. And by neck and neck, we really mean 49% for Biden and 46% for Trump. This isn’t too surprising, given that voter support has remained more or less stagnant, like that decade-old fruitcake your aunt insists on bringing every Christmas.

However, just like that unexpected raisin in the fruitcake, there’s a twist. Enter Robert F. Kennedy Jr., our resident anti-vaccine activist who, when thrown into the mix, seems to have the magical ability to siphon off support from both presidential hopefuls faster than you can say “statistical anomaly”. In a three-way standoff, Biden still leads with 44%, followed by Trump at 37% and RFK Jr. snaffling a not-too-shabby 16% of registered voters’ fancy. It’s a political ménage à trois that would make any pollster blush.

What’s particularly intriguing – at least as intriguing as watching paint dry – is that independent voters are evenly divided among these three candidates. Stuart Rothenberg, a political analyst with the nose for the nuances, surmises a collective eye roll from independents at both the Democrats and Republicans. With discontent higher than an eagle in flight in an updraft, it seems voters are looking for something – or someone – new. It’s almost like they’re at a Black Friday sale, frantically riffling through the bargain bin for an alternative.

So, while our political landscape continues to be as predictable as a roll of the dice, one thing’s for certain – a potential Biden-Trump-Kennedy faceoff in 2024 is sure to keep us all entertained. Grab your popcorn, get comfortable, and remember, in this game, every vote counts – probably. After all, here at SouthDakotaTruth, we’re fans of statistics… until they prove us wrong.

Biden and Trump statistically tied as of today
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