Jon Stewart’s Apple TV Plus show ends, reportedly over coverage of AI and China

The Problem with Jon Stewart

Well, it seems that the hilariously insightful “The Problem with Jon Stewart” will no longer grace our screens for a third season on Apple TV+. Talk about a heartbreak! The former “Daily Show” host reportedly threw in the towel after a friendly joust with Apple execs about the direction of the show. It’s like finding out that your favorite pizza joint decided to quit the pepperoni business due to unprecedented cheese price hikes.

Apparently, Stewart and Apple inked a peace treaty (or a split-up agreement, depending on how you look at it) after some disagreements about future show topics. Reportedly, upcoming episodes were meant to feature the light and breezy subjects of artificial intelligence, China, and Israel. You know, typical comedic fodder.

Now, for those not in the know, Apple gave Stewart complete creative control over the show. But it turns out that freedom is only as good as your partner’s patience. Allegedly, the tech giant didn’t appreciate Stewart’s daring dive into complex subjects. Stewart, in turn, didn’t appreciate the company’s resistance, leading to an absurdly predictable frustration fiasco.

Now, according to The New York Times (who first spilled the beans), Apple did the equivalent of a teenager pulling their hoodie over their head when asked to comment.

On the other hand, Stewart’s choice of topics isn’t entirely baffling, given that China represents nearly a fifth of Apple’s sales. In fact, it’s Apple’s fastest-growing region, with sales having risen 8% in the last quarter. That’s like finding out that your most loathed vegetable is also the one providing the most nutrients for your body.

However, all is not rosy in the Orient. A weakening Chinese economy has thrown a smitter of a boomerang on Apple’s sales. With sales in the region dropping by 2% as of last check, it’s like the weather in South Dakota – sunny one moment, snowstorm the next. And let’s not forget the 4.5% dip in sales for the new iPhone 15 compared to its predecessor, as per Counterpoint Research.

So there you have it. The world of comedic political commentary has lost a titan due to… well, let’s call it a clash of interests. And as for Apple, perhaps they should sit back, enjoy a delicious, non-political apple, and ponder the ironies of life and comedy. As for us, we’ll always have YouTube reruns!

Jon Stewart’s Apple TV Plus show ends, reportedly over coverage of AI and China
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