Sharply colder weather later this week; Rain and snow ahead

An illustration depicting children trick-or-treating on a dark Halloween night. Raindrops fall from the sky, and amidst them, a few snowflakes drift downward. Street lamps emit a gentle light, illuminating the eager and excited faces of the children as they walk the streets.

Forgive us, South Dakota-ites, for we bear ill-tidings: your beloved mild temperatures are on borrowed time. Bask in the last days of tricked-out trucks not requiring tire chains and that picturesque walk to the mailbox sans thermals – a cold front is brewing, and it’s about to crash our weather party. Sources inform us that the blissful weather is set to cool down tomorrow. So, don’t forget to pack your umbrellas, specifically those residing in eastern South Dakota. Rain is on the forecast – the first signal as we brace ourselves for weather that’s about to get a wee bit more aggressive.

By the time your calendars hit Wednesday, it will feel as if the entire spectrum of temperatures from frosty Montana to balmy Missouri has made a pitstop in our humble state. In a truly unparalleled display of meteorological diversity, we’re expecting regions to the North, specifically Montana and western North Dakota, to be adorned with heavy snow. At the same time, anyone just to our south might want to start constructing an ark; we’re talking heavy rain, people. This precipitation party looks set to spill into parts of southeastern South Dakota come Thursday.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any chillier, Friday is ready to show off its icy personality. It’s set to roll out a high stakes weather performance with a cold front that would make Frosty the Snowman shiver. It will lay the white carpet for another system due to make its grand entrance into the region. It’s a chilly affair, folks, and it may just support the chance of snow. But, how much snow? That, dear friends, is the winter mystery that has us all on our (chilly) toes.

But the weather drama doesn’t end there. As we trudge towards the weekend, the chance of seeing an inch or more snow is looking as robust as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It’s too early to gamble on snow predictions or start calculating the inches. However, the map does point towards a pretty credible chance of some flaky action across the plains. Let’s not forget, Sioux Falls is known for its 1-2″ snowfall every October. It’s a regular routine. So, don’t worry, if you see white stuff falling from the sky, it’s not dandruff or a leftover April Fool’s prank. It’s just our good old South Dakota, making our Halloween trick-or-treating a touch frostier this year.

Sharply colder weather later this week; Rain and snow ahead
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