Sioux Falls Halloween Events

A vibrant and festive Halloween scene set in a quaint village street at night. Cobblestone streets are illuminated by the glow of numerous jack-o-lanterns and strings of pumpkin lights. A large, bright full moon shines overhead, with silhouettes of bats flying in front of it. Houses lining the street are adorned with spider webs, more pumpkins, and autumn decorations. Numerous people, primarily children, are dressed in various Halloween costumes ranging from witches, ghosts, and pumpkins to more whimsical outfits. They're laughing, chatting, and trick-or-treating, with some holding lanterns or bags of candy. Notably, there's a joyful woman dressed as a witch sitting on the porch of one house, holding a pumpkin, while a group of kids approaches her. The atmosphere is cheerful and celebratory, capturing the essence of a communal Halloween celebration.

Ah, Halloween in Sioux Falls – where adults get to feel like children, and children get to feel like adults (because let’s be real, the thrill of fear and the promise of free candy brings out the kid in all of us). Let’s delve into this year’s spooky, candy-filled happenings, shall we?

First up, from October 26th-28th, and again on the 30th and 31st, The Jaycees Feargrounds returns with their spine-chilling theme – Circus of Horrors. Nap times and passive hobbies are advised before and after your visit to handle the horror!

Now, if being frightened within an inch of your life is a personal favorite pastime, then the Twisted Nightmare Haunted House is calling your name. Open to the public from October 26th-28th and again on Halloween.

If your Halloween motto is “the scarier, the better,” then Terror 29 Haunted House – an abandoned warehouse transforming into a circus freak show – would be right up your alley. Here’s to hoping you don’t have a fear of clowns. Its monstrous doors will be open from October 26th-28th, 31st, and November 3rd-4th.

Then there’s the Sensory-Friendly Trunk-or-Treat on the 27th. Candy, fun prizes, and sensory activities? Sounds like a recipe for an unforgettable Halloween experience.

Dust off your most unique, funny, or scary costume and head over to the Great Shots Halloween Party on the 27th. There are even rumors of a costume contest, so bring your A-game!

Fright Nights at the Creepy Cage on October 27th and 28th is perfect for thrill-seekers, turning baseball into a bone-chilling experience.

Haunted Corn Maze + Night time = the perfect Halloween fright, or perhaps a new festive tradition?

ZooBoo at the Great Plains Zoo will be entertaining both the young and young-at-heart from October 27th-29th. What could be more Halloween-y than animals and costumes?

Barbie’s Screamhouse promises a haunted car wash experience like no other from October 27th-30th. Who knew getting your car clean could be so terrifying?

Calling all beer lovers and artists; Pints + Pumpkin Painting is on the 28th. Toss back a cold one while showing off your artistic prowess at Severance Brewing.

Of course, we can’t forget about the little ones. Get your kiddos dressed up and head downtown on the 29th for a fun afternoon of trick-or-treating.

And finally, for the grand Halloween finale – Mall-O-Ween on October 31st. Trick-or-treat your way around the retailers and restaurants for a Halloween that’ll be spook-tacular!

There you have it, folks – Sioux Falls’ finest Halloween activities, where the chills of excitement are guaranteed, and the only thing you have to fear is running out of candy!

Sioux Falls Halloween Events
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