Dave Roetman Likes his Twitter Spicy

Dave Roetman

Readers, fasten your seatbelts for a rollercoaster ride through the spicy Twitter world of our very own, Dave Roetman. Yes, the new Executive Director of the North Dakota Republican Party and former chair of the Minnehaha County GOP. A real charmer, isn’t he? Thanks to Rob Port, the hard-working journalist at InForum newspapers, who took the time to scroll through Roetman’s Twitter archives, we now have a real insight into the man behind the title.

Our dear Roetman has a bit of a penchant for commenting on women’s photographs, often in states of undress. His go-to line? “She seems nice.” Ah, the sign of true, deep intellect, wouldn’t you agree? When he isn’t admiring the ladies, he often imparts his wisdom on other posts. A woman seeking relationship advice caught his attention once, and his piece of mind was to offer her a shiny quarter to keep between her knees. Classic Roetman, always playing the prince.

But wait, there’s more! Roetman’s tactlessness isn’t confined to the realm of gender. He’s an equal opportunity offender. His response to an article about Black Americans emigrating was a meme saying, “Well…bye.” Charming, isn’t it?

Roetman isn’t just a man of words, oh no, he’s also a man of images. Almost 100 of them, captured from his account for your viewing ‘pleasure’. Just a friendly heads-up, they’re not for the faint-hearted or the sensitive soul.

Most of us, when confronted with such an expose, might show a modicum of regret or perhaps even a little embarrassment. But not our Roetman. His stance? Unapologetic. “I am a man who stands by his words,” he said in an emailed reply. Oh, and did we tell you his endorsement of the groping of a woman’s breasts was dated just over a month ago?

So, ladies and gents, this is the man at the helm of the North Dakota GOP. Perhaps the shortest tenure in the history of Executive Directors is about to set a new record. But until then, let’s sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the Dave Roetman Twitter rollercoaster. Keep it classy, Roetman, keep it classy.

Dave Roetman Likes his Twitter Spicy
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