How much snow will Sioux Falls get this weekend?

October Snow in Sioux Falls

Ho, ho, ho, snow enthusiasts of Sioux Falls! Strap on your snow boots, break out the shovels, and dust off the sleds. If trusty ol’ National Weather Service has it right, we’re in for a wintry weekend more surprising than uncle Bob’s “unique” Thanksgiving stuffing recipe. Who knew shrimp belonged in stuffing, right?

Snow, the familiar foe of our city, is set to make a grand entrance. Like a latecomer to a holiday party, Sioux Falls will get a snowy surprise this weekend. We’re not talking a light dusting here, folks. No, just like your grandma’s antique tablecloth, we’re looking at a good 1 to 3 inches.

We’re at a 50% chance for more than 2 inches, according to the forecasters. Going by their ‘growing confidence,’ it’s almost as if grandma’s knitting magic is at play here. Those south of I-90, brace yourselves for the heartiest snowfall, for you will bear the brunt of this frosty onslaught.

And here’s the fun part – we get to experience this snowy spectacle from 6 a.m. Saturday frenzy through to 6 a.m. Sunday. The timing is just perfect. Hot coffee, comfy robes, and a weekend snow-gazing – could it get any better?

Now, before you start planning your snowman army, remember we live in a land where the ground is as warm-hearted as our people. Much of this snow should be melting quicker than ice cream at a summer picnic, unless of course, it’s falling faster than a toddler on a sugar rush.

And if you’d thought snow was our only uninvited guest this weekend, think again. Wind chill is here to join the party, promising to turn us all into popsicles come Monday. When the thermometer reads single digits early Monday morning, please don’t bother checking your eyesight. It’s not you, it’s the weather.

So what’s the overall forecast for our upcoming week? Mostly sunny this afternoon, with highs that could almost revisit the pleasant 36. But don’t stow away your windbreaker just yet. The northwest wind is scheduled for a 15 to 20 mph performance, with gusts playing the encore at 25 mph.

Tonight promises a partly cloudy sky, with the mercury hanging around 25. The northwest wind continues at 5 to 10 mph, still managing gusts up to 20 mph fashionably late.

Saturday? Well, brace yourselves for some snow showers, mainly post your 8 a.m. coffee. The temperature should stay loitering around 32, with a gentle north wind at about 5 mph providing the background score. The chance of precipitation is a solid 80%. Hold your breath, though. We may witness a new snow accumulation of around an inch.

So welcome to the weekend, Sioux Falls. Grab your favorite blanket, a warm beverage, and a window seat, for we are staging an unexpected winter play. Just remember, in Sioux Falls, the weather doesn’t happen to you, you happen to the weather! So let’s make the most of this festive frostiness, shall we?

How much snow will Sioux Falls get this weekend?
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