LGBTQ+ Hate Group Rebrands to Family Voice

Family Voice Hate Group

So, what’s in a name, eh? Well, for the former Family Heritage Alliance, now donning the fresh new moniker “Family Voice,” apparently a heck of a lot.

Meet Norman Woods, the man at the helm of this conservative Christian ship, who recently sought to shed light on the rebranding decision. He wants you to know that ‘clarity’ and a ‘stronger voice’ are at the heart of this evolution. With an effort that took nearly a year and included input from focus groups, national advisors, and marketing experts, it’s clear they’ve spent more time on this rebrand than a Hollywood celebrity pondering their image overhaul.

Now, strip away the glossy new logo and catchy name, and you’ll find an old friend with an established reputation. Family Voice, in its previous life, was no stranger to legislative battles. Standouts on their resume include a staunch opposition to abortion rights, which they see as correcting misinformation. How curious it must be to perceive oneself as the living embodiment of for family values.

Over in the education territory, their support for HB1246 paints them as defenders of parental rights. Of course, such heroism is slightly dampened when one considers that the legislation could potentially bypass important strides made in inclusive education. A minor hiccup, surely, to potentially sacrifice LGBTQ+ inclusivity and comprehensive sexual education in sweeping brush strokes of ‘parental rights.’

In the adoption ring, their endorsement of SB149 is presented as a shield for faith-based adoption agencies. Yet, the nagging question persists – just whose faith are we protecting here? Critics highlight the risk of enabling discriminatory practices against LGBTQ+ people, essentially crowing religious beliefs over equal rights. But hey, they’ve got faith and freedom in their tagline, so it must be okay, right?

As they shed the Family Heritage Alliance skin and strut into the world stage as Family Voice, they assert this transition as a shift from strength to strength. Their mission, they reveal, is to continue nested within their sacred trifecta of faith, family, and freedom.

The name may have changed and the logo may be new, but the tune sounds suspiciously familiar. The Family Voice, ladies and gentlemen, is all set to serenade you with their symphony of conservatism, with a concerto of faith, family, and freedom, and perhaps a solo of ‘clarity’ thrown in for good measure. So, stay tuned, because the show is just getting started.

LGBTQ+ Hate Group Rebrands to Family Voice
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