Forced birthers recruit attorney general who defends forced catheterization to harass signature gatherers

Forced catheterization advocate Attorney General Marty Jackley has been recruited by forced birth Nazis to engage in a harassment campaign against South Dakota citizens trying to exercise their fundamental rights under the South Dakota state constitution. With zero evidence presented, the attorney general has sent a letter alleging that signature gatherers for the amendment to restore reproductive rights in South Dakota.

The attorney general has presented no evidence to support any of these accusations. Knowing our attorney general if he had any people would have had their doors kicked in.

The CC: to SD Right to Life suggests that the evidence Jackley claims to have came from the anti-abortion activists who have been stalking and harassing petition circulators and signers.

So basically it’s the classic abusive stalker uses the legal system against their victims. A South Dakota classic tactic that people who follow how South Dakota treats sexual assault victims.

And don’t forget his heavy handed tactics against marijuana legalization. Jonathan Hunt, a cannabis cultivation expert who collaborated with the Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe on an endeavor to establish the first marijuana resort in the U.S., will have his drug case dismissed. This venture, once labeled by the tribe as an “adult playground” predicted to earn $2 million monthly, was eventually discarded. This decision came after concerns about potential federal intervention led to the tribe incinerating its marijuana crop in 2015. While Hunt faced prosecution, a state judge accepted his appeal for a suspended imposition of sentence. After fulfilling conditions like paying fines, his case will be dismissed and records sealed. Hunt, previously associated with Colorado’s Monarch America, plans to join the cannabis industry in California.