Attack of the MAGAnoids


So at the start of the weekend, I shared this video from TikTok on Facebook about a man whose industry friends were all ripped off by Trump. I didn’t think it would have much impact as pretty much everyone knows and accepts that Trump is a notorious con man at this point. Anyone who actually knows what they are talking about and was in the industry in the 80’s and 90’s is very aware of it.

So imagine my surprise when I’m met with one of the darkest most evil comment sections I’ve ever seen. The following are uncensored and unmodified screen captures of messages, emails, and comments I received after posting this video. It is but a fraction of the vitriol, ignorance, and sheer malice the MAGA’s have sent me.


Let’s start with something light, Mark Jackson’s homophobia.
Chas Loveland wants everyone to know he is an absolute piece of shit.
That’s just me having some fun.
Here’s TJ Sayer, Bob Engle, and Teresa Chartrand being awful.
Tom Anderson looking forward to genocide.
Just more MAGA’s being MAGA’s, sharing this to give you a flavor. About 90% of the MAGA comments received follow one of these templates.
Ornael Chacon is the most stereotypical overcompensating “alpha male” he can be.
The glasses are a common fixation with the MAGA’s as the brain worms order them to attack anything that is different from them. Most likely to compensate for their overwhelming insecurity and jealousy of someone who doesn’t live in constant fear.
Billy Kates says anyone who commits suicide is weak-minded.
For some people like Stacy, leaving vulgar comments on the post itself was not enough. They needed a more direct line, so private messaging was her path.
I need a translator.
And then there is Dan Roberts. Like Trump, Dan doesn’t take no for an answer (Even from children allegedly).
A nice guy Dan Roberts. There’s no way he has a history of domestic violence…
More color from the peanut gallery.
I think this one is my favorite, Gary Gloomer gives up the game and lets us know they all know it’s true, but FUCK YOU for saying it’s true.
Our front-runner in the religious and mentally ill category is John Berghino. His direct messages sure convinced me Trump is a swell guy LMFAO.

John doesn’t take no for an answer either. Noticing a pattern with the MAGAs.

For the record, I do indeed speak for all of South Dakota. Its in the constitution look it up 😉
He kept going until he realized I was posting everything he sent me to the public. Then he got really quiet LOL.
I try not to engage these drones but sometimes I can’t help but poke them. Being this dumb should hurt.
Sean Scarth argues “He’s a monster but our monster” I think America can do a little better than that, don’t you?
Pappy Roy Lairson is glad a man killed himself. I can’t wait to see him explain that one on judgment day.
These people are deaf to outside info. My advice is to ridicule and move on.
And finally, the people saying Trump is going to sue me. That’s pretty hilarious considering he can’t find lawyers to work with him in his 17 other current cases before courts both civil and criminal.

In conclusion, Trump supporters are the lowest of the low and America can do better. Thank you for reading this far. You should take it easy on yourself the rest of the day. I would not wish receiving all of these on my worst enemy.

But I think it’s important that people see how dangerous Trump and his goons are.

Attack of the MAGAnoids
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