James Comer leading the probe of Hunter Biden has shell company

Greetings, South Dakotians, and welcome back to another chapter in the saga of the rich and the dubious. This week, we’re all about shell companies and the charming man who’s not afraid to live in glass houses while throwing stones – Rep. James Comer.

You know how it goes, right? One day you’re among the largest landholders in rural Kentucky, listed as owning approximately 1,600 acres on the congressional financial disclosure forms, and the next, you get those annoying six acres you co-own with a campaign contributor transferred over to a shell company.

I mean we’ve all been there. An extra six acres suddenly appear in our portfolios, and we have no idea where it came from. So naturally, we move it to a shell company we co-own with our spouses, and voila! Problem solved.

But here’s the kicker, Rep Comer is currently chairing the impeachment inquiry of President Biden, based primarily on the Bidens’ use of – you guessed it – shell companies. That’s right, his day job involves pointing out the lack of transparency by the Bidens, while his shell company, Farm Team Properties, is playing hide and seek with assets. You’ve got to love the irony.

It’s almost like yelling at your neighbor for having an unsightly lawn, while your backyard is a mini forest, but hoping no one notices because it’s hidden behind a very tall and opaque fence.

Here’s another little gem. Comer’s comeback to accusations of hypocrisy is to call a Democratic lawmaker, a “smurf” and decry the criticism as the work of “financially illiterate people”. Well, that’s one way to handle it.

Now, if you’re wondering about the six acres – or the other mysterious assets Farm Team Properties may hold – you’re not alone. After this story initially ran, Comer did grace us with some enlightenment on FOX News. Apparently, Farm Team Properties is a high roller with “five different assets and lots of revenue.” Unfortunately, he sidestepped the details of these assets faster than a flamingo on hot coals.

And as for his denial that the donor, Darren Cleary, was a campaign contributor at the time of purchase, let’s just say that documents from as far back as 2010 beg to differ. I guess we’re all a little forgetful sometimes.

In conclusion, remember, my fellow South Dakotians, when you’re next contemplating moving some land into a shell company, make sure you’re not currently conducting an investigation into someone else for doing the same. It might save you from becoming the central character in my next column. Until then, stay classy – or at the very least, marginally transparent.

James Comer leading the probe of Hunter Biden has shell company
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