Not Grandma! P Hub Stats for 2023 Released

We have some good news for grandmas: Searches for the word “granny” on Pornhub were up 132% this year. That’s just one of an unfathomable number of porn-related insights included in the site’s annual year-in-review—most of which we can’t share here. But one that we can report is that the AI craze has officially come to the world of pornography. Searches for “android” increased a whopping 1,689% in 2023. Average time spent on the site was 10 minutes and nine seconds per visit, up 15 seconds from last year, thanks to 45-and-older users (younger demographics spent less time on Pornhub than they did the year prior). 

See the full report here.

Not Grandma! P Hub Stats for 2023 Released
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