Beauty and the Beastly Dictator: Ortega’s Pageant Panic

The Nicaraguan government, led by dictator-in-chief Daniel Ortega, is having a meltdown over a beauty queen who dared to defy his regime. It all started when Sheynnis Palacios, aka Miss Nicaragua, won the Miss Universe crown. The government was all smiles and sunshine until they realized she had attended anti-Ortega protests in 2018.

Now, the government is accusing the pageant of being a conspiracy against Nicaragua, and the head of the Miss Nicaragua pageant, Karen Celebertti, has been charged with treason. Her husband and son are also being detained for allegedly conspiring with her to rig the contest and aid a foreign-sponsored coup.

Why is Ortega so worked up about a beauty queen? Well, since the 2018 protests, he’s been tightening his grip on power like a toddler with a toy he refuses to share. And now, the Miss Universe win is being seen as a victory for the anti-Ortega resistance.

But this isn’t an isolated incident. The government has been cracking down on the Catholic Church, universities, and anyone who dares to speak out against the regime. Even a popular TikToker and artists have been targeted for supporting the new Miss Universe.

Beauty and the Beastly Dictator: Ortega’s Pageant Panic
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