Fred Deutsch: Keep School Children Hungry

In what will be a surprise to absolutely no one, Fred Deutsch, a South Dakota legislator and the reason we can’t have a legislative session in South Dakota without a transgender discrimination bill being debated instead of all of our state’s real problems, wants you to know he doesn’t give a fuck about children. In a recent Viewpoint guest column in The Dakota Scout, he claims to prioritize the safety and well-being of children while serving in Pierre, yet his actions and voting record tell a different story.

Deutsch’s column on school hunger and the responsibility of the state in addressing this issue is riddled with contradictions and hypocrisy. He argues that the state should not be responsible for feeding children beyond the current safety net, but he fails to acknowledge the role that he played in limiting that very safety net.

In 2023, Deutsch was instrumental in the passage of a bill prohibiting gender-affirming treatment on minors. This legislation directly contradicts his claim to prioritize the well-being of children. By denying essential care to vulnerable individuals and contributing to a hostile environment for trans people and hungry children, Deutsch has shown that his commitment to child welfare is all talk.

Furthermore, his voting record on school lunch programs also raises questions about his commitment to the well-being of children. In 2023, Deutsch voted against a bill that would have required the state to pay for all school lunches, regardless of income level or ability to pay. This decision directly contradicts his claim to prioritize the safety and well-being of children, as it would have ensured that no child went hungry at school.

Fred Deutsch’s advocacy for school hunger and his voting record on child welfare issues reveal a legislator who is inconsistent in his stance and hypocritical in his claims. His actions and words paint a picture of a politician who is more concerned with advancing his own agenda than with the well-being of the children he claims to prioritize.

Fred Deutsch: Keep School Children Hungry
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