Christian Ziegler: Moms for Liberty Three Way

In the latest edition of the soap opera that is Florida politics, Christian Ziegler, the state Republican Party Chairman, has been caught in a situation that makes the antics on ‘Days of Our Lives’ seem like child’s play. Now, for those of you who have been living under a rock or, less likely, not obsessively following the tailspin of the Sunshine State’s political landscape, allow me to fill you in.

Ziegler found himself the center of an unfortunate controversy, fit for daytime television, minus the dramatic organ music. If you thought your Monday morning bagel and schmear had an extra helping of schadenfreude, you’d be correct. Ziegler, allegedly involved in a three-way tryst with his wife and an unnamed woman, is now under investigation for certain allegations. We’ll just leave the specifics to your imagination.

Notably, Ziegler’s wife, Brigette, is a co-founder of Moms for Liberty. Now, there’s a plot twist nobody saw coming. Apparently, liberty involves more than just a ringing bell and an old, dusty parchment. Who knew?

This unfolding melodrama has made for awkward Monday morning coffee chitchat at the office. Even more so in Ziegler’s case, as he appears to be under the delusion that he can keep his job. Sort of like that guy at your office who got caught making photocopies of his posterior at the Christmas party and still thinks he’s up for a promotion.

Indeed, Ziegler has been facing a symphony of resignation calls that would make Mozart spin in his grave. The calls are coming from all corners: his local Congressman, state Senators, and even fellow executive committee members who collectively voted for him to pack up his things.

But, our anti-hero is not without hope. There have been whispers that Trump is backing Ziegler behind the scenes. However, we’re still waiting for the golden-haired wonder to tweet out his support. Not that it would be surprising, given his track record for getting involved in things he probably shouldn’t.

And, in an act of bravery worthy of a medal – or at least a participation ribbon – Ziegler decided to enter his own showdown via a backdoor. There’s nothing quite like avoiding the gauntlet of press and public on your way to plead for your job. It’s the political equivalent of sneaking out the back door of a bad party you never wanted to attend in the first place.

Now, I’m no soap opera writer, but if I were, I’d say Ziegler is in need of a good cliffhanger to save his skin. While we wait for the next riveting installment of ‘Florida Politicos Gone Wild,’ remember to stay tuned. After all, in the land of political intrigue, there’s no such thing as a commercial break.

Christian Ziegler: Moms for Liberty Three Way
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