Pope says priests can bless same-sex unions

Pope says priests can bless same-sex unions

It seems Pope Francis has been busy flipping pages of the Vatican’s policy book again and causing a stir amongst the faithful and infidels alike. He’s now given a papal thumbs up for priests to bless same-sex couples, which has sent shockwaves through the conservative echelons of the papacy. And it’s safe to say, he’s not tiptoeing around the issue.

In a Monday morning Vatican memo casually overturning a few centuries-old stances, Pope Francis insisted that those seeking God’s love and mercy shouldn’t be subjected to the church equivalent of an IRS audit before receiving it. And it seems divine love isn’t only for heterosexual tax payers.

He’s been strategic, though. While he has approved these blessings, he’s also reiterated that marriage is a sacramental lifetime contract between a man and a woman. So, same-sex couples can have the blessing, but not the wedding cake. Still, crumbs from the table are better than starving, right?

The same memo also outlined the conditions for these blessings, ensuring they don’t cause any liturgical confusions. Same-sex blessings, it spelled out, should not be wrapped up in wedding day paraphernalia or gestures. No rice-throwing, no walking down aisles, no wedding bells, and definitely no throwing of bouquets.

To make his point even clearer, Pope Francis went on to offer a crash course in Scripture, delivering an extensive (and definitely broad) definition of the term “blessing”. Spoiler alert: it turns out, the term has nothing to do with exhaustive moral analysis. Who knew!

This seismic shift in Vatican policy is being seen as a major outreach gesture from a pope who has made welcoming the LGBTQ+ community a hallmark of his papacy. It’s a far cry from the “God cannot bless sin” Vatican directive of 2021 that created more backlash than a cat in a swimming pool.

The Pope’s new view is that even though some people are living in a state of sin (according to the church, not the Pope’s Netflix account), they shouldn’t be deprived of God’s love or mercy. Makes sense really. If you’re in a state of sin, surely that’s when you need a blessing the most?

But it seems there’s a thin line between a blessing and legitimizing sin. While the Pope isn’t stamping approval on anything, he doesn’t think the church should be judge, jury, and executioner. He’s basically telling the church to chill out.

This new view of getting a blessing without a moral interrogation has sent shockwaves through Catholic circles. On one side, LGBTQ+ advocates are ecstatic. Rev. James Martin, an advocate for LGBTQ+ Catholics, sees it as a dramatic shift from the Vatican’s 2021 policy. Traditionalists, however, are having a field day on the blogs, declaring the church is “crumbling.”

So, it seems that Pope Francis’ move to unblock divine love is getting quite the reaction. Some love it, others less so. But at least he’s stirred up a serious conversation. And isn’t that what church is supposed to do? Get us talking about love and acceptance for all? Bravo, Pope Francis. Bravo.

Pope says priests can bless same-sex unions
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