South Dakota Rejects Solar Energy Funding

Saddle up, folks, for another classic South Dakota tale! Picture it: a federal program, the Solar for All initiative, gallantly offers to help states reduce utility costs and promote renewable energy. The catch is that the states have to apply for these grants. And while not to point any fingers, there are a few, specifically six, who seem to have misplaced their application forms. All of them just happen to be led by Republican governors, and yes, South Dakota is one of those states.

Now, some might say that South Dakota has a rich history of rejecting things. Whether it’s an invitation to a vegan potluck or the simple concept of right turns on red, there’s something about rejection that just feels like home to South Dakotans. But the decision to decline solar energy funding, well, that’s a whole new level of “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Let’s dive a little deeper into this abyss of irony. The Solar for All initiative is like a fairy godmother for states, gifting them with sustainable, renewable energy. The intention is to lower utility costs while simultaneously promoting a more eco-friendly energy source. Perfect, right? Well, not for the South Dakota, it seems!

So why would South Dakota turn its nose up at such an opportunity? Maybe it’s the state bird, the Chinese ring-necked pheasant, whispering sweet nothings of disdain for solar panels into the Governor’s ear. Or perhaps it’s a profound love for non-renewable energy sources. Or could it be the intense South Dakotan desire to get their hands dirty, digging up fossils fuels instead of soaking up the sun?

But no, we’re not here to speculate, we’re here to report the cold, hard facts in a substantially entertaining manner. And the fact of the matter is that South Dakota seems perfectly content with giving the cold shoulder to solar energy funding.

To be fair, South Dakota isn’t entirely alone in this. Its sibling state to the north, North Dakota, along with Florida, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada, have also decided to give the Solar for All initiative a pass. A Republican party united in their lack of interest in federally funded solar energy, you might say.

So there you have it, dear readers – another day, another opportunity to save the planet politely declined by South Dakota! May the sun continue to shine on them, whether they want to harness its power or not. And for those of us who enjoy a splash of irony with our morning coffee, we thank you, South Dakota, for yet another entertaining chapter in your ever-evolving narrative.

South Dakota Rejects Solar Energy Funding
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