Noem to speak at Iowa MAGA event

Well, you’ve clicked on this article so we know that a headline involving the words “Noem”, “Iowa” and “MAGA event” has done its job. If you’re here for the latest update on Gov. Kristi Noem’s political escapades or if you’re just really bored and have already exhausted your Netflix watchlist, we’ve got you covered either way.

Now, brace yourself, because Noem has decided to fill in her 2024’s January calendar pretty quickly. Seems like she can’t get enough of that campaign trail dust. So, she’s packing up her political rucksack and jetting off to Iowa. Yes, the land of corn and, well…more corn. And it’s not for a corn-dog-and-lemonade kind of festival. No, it’s for a Team Trump Iowa MAGA event. Try saying that three times fast.

This political circus, undoubtedly full of red hats and chants that will echo into the night, is set to take place at the County Celebrations Center in Sioux City. The time? Sharp at 7 p.m, January 3, Wednesday. It’s like a mid-week party, but with more speeches.

Earlier on a fine day in September, Noem, standing in Rapid City, announced to an enthusiastic crowd, which we can only assume had already had their fair share of coffee, that former President Donald Trump has her full and unstinting endorsement. Yes, she’s pretty clear about this one, people. She’s put all her political chips on the Trump table.

At the same time, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, perhaps in a surprise move to some, has thrown her weight behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the GOP nomination. If you are sensing some sort of Republican civil war brewing here, give yourself a pat on the back.

While the Republican band is playing multiple tunes, Noem’s call for unity under Trump’s banner might be a solo performance. But hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good show, right? If you want to be part of this particular spectacle, grab your tickets from Trump’s campaign website where they’re probably selling faster than hot cakes.

And while we’re all getting riled up about this, let’s not forget the election chameleon, the Iowa Caucus, that changes colors every four years. It’s coming up on Monday, January 15. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, grab your popcorn.

But for now, we wait with bated breath to see how the scene unfolds. Will Noem’s gambit pay off? Will the unity she’s calling for materialize? Or is life just full of corn jokes when you’re on the campaign trail in Iowa? We’ll keep you posted. So long as you keep checking back here and promise not to run out of Netflix shows.

Noem to speak at Iowa MAGA event
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