Biggest South Dakota News Stories of 2023

South Dakota 2023
  1. Joel Koskan’s Sentencing: Former state senate candidate Joel Koskan was sentenced to ten years in prison on two charges of incest. Read more
  2. Lake Madison Boating Accident: A young girl was killed in a boating accident at Lake Madison during the Fourth of July weekend. Read more
  3. Resignation of Rep. Jess Olson: Rep. Jess Olson (R-Rapid City) resigned from the state House of Representatives due to ongoing health issues. Read more
  4. Missing Persons Reports: Nearly 30 individuals, aged 9 to 45, were reported missing in South Dakota early in the year. Read more
  5. Mitchell Baseball Players Charged with Rape: Six players from the Mitchell Legion baseball team faced rape charges after allegations of player misconduct. Read more
  6. Bankruptcy of Yellow Corp: Yellow Corp, a major trucking company, declared bankruptcy, impacting over 30,000 workers, including hundreds in Sioux Falls. Read more
  7. Incident at Sioux Falls Denny’s: Two cross-country truck drivers faced an unexpected situation at a Denny’s restaurant in Sioux Falls. Read more
  8. Sturgis Rally Statistics: Data from the Sturgis Rally showed an increase in drug arrests and accidents. Read more
  9. Lake Madison Accident – Remembering Emmy Gorman: A family tragedy occurred around the July 4th holiday. Read more
  10. Incident at Huset’s Speedway: First responders were called to Huset’s Speedway in Brandon due to an incident. Read more
Biggest South Dakota News Stories of 2023
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