South Dakota Headlines 1/2/2024

  1. Church Burglaries and Kidnapping Arrests: The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has identified men from Iowa arrested for recent church burglaries. Additionally, three South Dakotans were arrested for the kidnapping of a young girl in Indiana​​​​.
  2. 2024 Legislative Session: The upcoming South Dakota legislative session, starting on January 9th, is expected to be busy with 42 potential new laws already pre-filed. This includes a proposal from the state Department of Education to merge the two boards handling the ethics of K-12 teachers and administrators, and a suggestion to add two legislators to the state Capitol Complex Restoration and Beautification Commission​​​​.
  3. Highway 385 Construction: A major construction project on Highway 385 is planned, which is critical to the $2 billion Black Hills tourism industry​​.
  4. ConnectSD Broadband Funding: The Government Office of Economic Development (GOED) is awarding $32.4 million to three providers for broadband expansion. This funding, matched by private investments, totals over $40.3 million and aims to connect over 2,160 households and farms​​.
  5. South Dakota Minimum Wage Increase: Effective January 1, 2024, South Dakota’s minimum wage increased from $10.80 to $11.20 per hour, while the minimum wage for tipped employees is now $5.60 per hour. This annual adjustment, decided by voters in 2016, is based on the Consumer Price Index published by the U.S. Department of Labor​​.

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South Dakota Headlines 1/2/2024
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