Top South Dakota News Stories 1/3/2024

  1. Political Commentary: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has voiced her opposition to selecting Nikki Haley as the vice presidential candidate for the Republican party. Read more at The Washington Times.
  2. Economic Outlook: South Dakota’s economy is currently strong, surpassing regional averages, but businesses face uncertainties in 2024. Inflation has shown a decline over November. For more details, visit Listen SDPB.
  3. Legislative Session: An active legislative session is expected in South Dakota, with 42 potential new laws pre-filed for the session beginning on January 9th. Learn more at Dakota News Network.
  4. Abortion Rights Amendment: A 2024 ballot amendment to enshrine abortion rights in the South Dakota Constitution is receiving mixed support, with no clear majority. Find out more from Brookings Register.
  5. CAFO Development: There’s a growing trend in South Dakota for developing Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), despite increasing public opposition. For further reading, visit Brookings Register.
Top South Dakota News Stories 1/3/2024
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