Top Stories January 8, 2024

Here’s a summary of the top news stories in South Dakota for January 8, 2024:

  1. Winter Storm Affecting South Dakota Schools: A winter storm is forecast to hit South Dakota, leading to the cancellation of Monday classes in several schools. More information about this can be found on​
  2. 2024 Legislative Session in South Dakota: The South Dakota Legislature is set to convene for its annual session, which is expected to last until early March. The session’s focus includes the sustainability of long-term care, college affordability, workforce recruitment, new prison construction, and making a temporary sales tax cut permanent. KEYT and KOTATV provide more details on this.​​​
  3. South Dakota State FCS Championship Win: South Dakota State Jackrabbits won their second-straight national title in the FCS championship, defeating Montana 23-3. Quarterback Mark Gronowski was named Most Outstanding Player for the second consecutive season. For more details, visit Sportal – World Sports News.​
  4. South Dakota Gas Prices: Gasoline prices in South Dakota have fallen, averaging $2.84 per gallon. This reflects a 4.2 cents per gallon decrease over the last week. Further details are available at​
Top Stories January 8, 2024
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