South Africa to sue US, UK for complicity in Gaza genocide

South Africa Prepares Legal Action Against US, UK Over Alleged Role in Gaza Conflict

South African lawyer Wikus Van Rensburg has voiced concern about the continued financial and logistical support provided by the United States to Israel, alleging it facilitates offenses against Gaza’s inhabitants.

A coalition of nearly 50 South African attorneys, orchestrated by Wikus Van Rensburg, plans to initiate legal proceedings against the United States and the United Kingdom. They accuse both nations of being complicit in the alleged war crimes committed by Israeli forces in Palestine, as reported by Anadolu Agency. This move follows South Africa’s submission of a genocide case against Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Rensburg, who spearheads this legal endeavor, seeks to bring those allegedly complicit to justice in civilian courts, working in collaboration with legal experts in both the US and UK. In a discussion with Anadolu, Rensburg underlined the urgency of holding the US accountable and mentioned the imminent legal actions against both Washington and London.

“The United States must be held accountable for its actions,” Rensburg declared, emphasizing the lack of intervention to halt such actions previously. He cited the unaddressed US involvement in Iraq as an example of this oversight, stressing the necessity of addressing such matters with the gravity they deserve.

Rensburg raised concerns about the US’s ongoing financial and logistical backing of Israel, claiming it directly contributes to offenses against Gaza’s population. He mentioned that the outcome of the ICJ case against Israel for genocide might set a precedent for their case against the US and UK, potentially leading to sanctions against the US, even if it does not recognize the court’s decision. This, according to Rensburg, could also strengthen their legal stance against the administration of Joe Biden.

Highlighting the imperative of US accountability, Rensburg drew parallels with legal actions taken against former US President George Bush in the 2000s. “The US must now accept responsibility for its actions,” he insisted.

The group of 47 lawyers has issued an open letter to the leadership of both the US and UK, holding them accountable for their alleged roles in the conflict. “The US must face the consequences of its actions,” they asserted, signaling a firm stance on pursuing accountability.

South Africa to sue US, UK for complicity in Gaza genocide
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