Tucker Putin Interview

My final thoughts on the Tucker/Putin interview. Now finally having finished it.

Putin is old guard Kremlin whose views (I disagree with Mr. “Poland had it coming” in WWII) are based on a in depth (but flawed and skewed) reading of Russian and European history and culture.  

Tucker came looking to have his American right wing culture war BS validated by Putin whom Russian propaganda to the west has championed as a leader in, but turns out personally Putin could give two shits about.  

I think neither of them got what they wanted from the interview because even with translators they were speaking and thinking on two completely different frequencies.  

So far the best the right has been able to do is say “look how well spoken and alert he is compared to Biden”. Which while accurate isn’t the win they think it is.  Charles Manson (insert your favorite monster) was filled with energy too.  And nobody can watch recent footage of either Trump or Biden and say: yeah, they’re alert and filled with drive and energy (or even fully aware of their surroundings). 

To be honest I think it’s funny how people are calling this propaganda or calling it not propaganda. Every interview in this format is Propaganda. Every. Single. One.

Tucker Putin Interview
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