Dakota Pariah: The Shad Olson Show

Shad Olson Mug Shot 2024

So… I’m not sure where to start with this one. Here’s the clean, safe news person summary of the story so far:
Shad Olson, a figure known in South Dakota for his roles as a newsman, political campaign advisor, and podcaster, has recently faced legal trouble. Identified as a far-right podcaster and former television anchor, Olson was arrested by the Meade County Sheriff’s Office on charges of aggravated domestic assault. The charges stem from an incident that allegedly involved severe bodily injury to a female victim, characterized by allegations of strangulation and attempts to evade arrest. This incident reportedly occurred at a home north of Rapid City.
Olson’s background includes working as a reporter and news anchor for KOTA Territory News, starting in 2000 and later, KNBN NewsCenter 1. He faced controversy 2010 for giving a speech at a tax day rally, leading to his suspension and eventual resignation from KOTA. He also served as campaign counsel to Neal Tapio, a Republican candidate in the 2018 House of Representatives election.
The arrest affidavit provides a disturbing account of the alleged assault, with Olson accused of slamming the victim down multiple times and chasing her from her house. The victim, who had been in a relationship with Olson for at least eight years, described fearing for her life during the assault. The affidavit also notes Olson’s past history of assaults and domestic violence. He is currently held on a $5,000 bond, charged with aggravated domestic assault, a class three felony that could result in up to 15 years in state prison and a $30,000 fine if he is convicted.​

Here’s his Mug Shot and the Police Post about his arrest.

But this only scratches the surface of the story. If, like me, you are not from the Rapid City area, you might not know about Shad’s reputation in the community, with even his local baristas reaching out with horror stories about how hard this guy is to deal with.


“If you question why I want to execute people, I will execute you” – Shad Olson, MAGA.
For the record, Shad had to secure the services of a public defender and could not afford the $5K bond he is being held under.

Shad is very proud of his wealth and power and how much better he is than his friends and neighbors, though based on the fact that he can’t afford bail and needed a public defender, I’m guessing this was mostly fake, or he has recently lost everything.

Here are some photos he shared of his home and property, though it turns out most of this was in the name of the woman he allegedly assaulted and not himself.

That Emmy, by the way, is real. Shad was once a liked local reporter in the Rapid City area until he made public speeches about controversial issues (thing Tea Party/Early MAGA) and was put on leave and eventually parted ways with his former employers KOTA TV and KNBN.

What’s his home worth, guys? I can’t remember. If only he repeated it more. Plus, all of this is so fucking funny after the whole “public defender” thing.

But beneath the fake influencer lifestyle was a dark side (duh).

And they only get crazier.

If it weren’t for his cruelty and arrogance, I would almost feel sorry for him. My personal opinion (I’m not a doctor) is that this man may have some serious mental health issues.

Yeah, okay. I’m over feeling sorry for him.

Classy guy. All the best people love mocking victims of sexual assault.

So now you’re probably wondering what this character’s podcast is like. It’s definitely a conspiracy theory, a feavor dream vibe.

Quite the mental space he has going. And we wonder why so many MAGAs are on the verge of a mental breakdown. It’s pure fear and outrage porn.

You don’t want to miss hour two. LMFAO.

As of this writing, as far as we know, he is still being held in jail pending trial.

Will we get sued for telling you all of this? We’ve mostly used his own words here, but he regularly threatens to sue the people HE sends threats to.

Greetings, trolls.

Just a friendly notification that holds for both this account and specifically, my primary facebook account which is perpetually the target of the cowardly defecations of idiot SJW flash mob “reports” of “hate speech” and the usual jackbooted fascist instincts of children who never learned how to fistfight or cultivate rhetorical skills. Yes, you, neckbeard.

A few things.

I am presently involved in litigation with this platform to defend both free speech rights and intellectual property rights of the things I produce, which have attachable forensic economic value as a result of being professional product and not simply pajama ramblings of millennial twits who observably abuse their version of the English language in ways that make my eyes bleed.

Since the arbitrary facebook enforcement of subjective and punitive “community standards” are wholly dependent on the shit-for-brains geopolitical stupidity of the dumbest generation of political toddlers in the history of the United States, our legal strategy is simply to seek injunctive relief on basis of tortuous interference with commerce and simple harassment.

On that basis and by rules of evidentiary discovery, the details of accounting regarding “reports” for bad conduct are open record and are discoverable in full flourish by me and my legal team. Roughly translated, that means that I have open access to the identities of anyone and everyone “reporting” (bless your corpulent, odiferous, mentally incapacitated little souls) my account content simply to silence my writing.

My plan is simple.

I will be launching tortuous interference litigation against every single person who has ever made a report against my facebook presence and specifically against those who have made multiple, repeated and harassing pattern of “facebook standards” reports against my accounts. I already have access to that list…and let me tell you, the downright obsession exhibited by some of you would be an embarrassing thing, I believe.

153 reports of my content in a single month? And you run a daycare? When do you find the time, you pathetic woman?

My attorneys believe it is eminently provable common sense that the people involved in those reports carry no offense whatsoever for content and are simply using the platform reporting option to win arguments that would otherwise find them looking dumber than the idiot grifters in the 2020 Democrat Presidential field.

So…before you push the button, please know that your illusion of anonymity is completely gone based on the granting of discovery in this matter and that I will pursue with great vigor and entertainment the transfer of a butthurt social media tantrum moment into an arena where the contents of your wallet are up for grabs on the basis of your intentional interference with avenues of intellectual expression and media distribution with a discernible monetary value. I do pray the big words haven’t been too much for you to navigate.

I’ll spell it in Play-Do next time 

“Quixote Shad Olson Beowulf,” Facebook post, 2019.07.27 from Dakota Free Press Post By CORY HEIDELBERGER On 2019-07-29.

You should read Cory’s takedown; it’s pretty great. Based on the whole public defender thing, I guess that was a bluff.

Lest you think he only had hate for the left, he also verbally attacked fellow Republicans as well. Once, he even contemplated a third-party run for governor against the GOP.

Mr. Olson seems to embody the expression, “Live your life in a way that doesn’t cause everyone in your community to celebrate your downfall.”

More context:






Dakota Pariah: The Shad Olson Show
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