Toby Doeden Goes Scorched Earth On Own Party

Toby Doeden, an Aberdeen businessman, faced backlash for past social media posts as he considered challenging Congressman Dusty Johnson in the GOP primary. Despite the controversy, Doeden did not apologize for these statements and attributed the attention to his opponent. Ultimately, he decided against running for Congress in 2024, choosing instead to support conservative causes through other means Toby Doeden Pushes Back After Old Social Media Posts Resurface | Aberdeen Insider.

Toby Doeden, after retracting his candidacy, is now evaluating Republicans, labeling them as either effective or not. Initially, he criticized all Republican officials as ineffective, introducing his “conservative coalition” as a solution without detailing his strategy, possibly involving candidate support or primary voting—actions he hasn’t taken previously. Later, he endorsed State Rep. Fred Deutsch for the Senate primary, despite doubts about the value of his endorsement given his limited political involvement and the fallout from his own campaign. This year, political endorsements are unpredictable.

Toby Doeden Goes Scorched Earth On Own Party
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