The State of Our Union is Meh

State of the Union 2024

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address focused on various issues, urging Congress to pass significant legislation and emphasizing bipartisan support for different initiatives. The address included topics such as the conflict in Ukraine, where Biden highlighted the U.S. and its allies’ support for Ukraine through economic sanctions against Russian entities and closing American airspace to Russian flights. Additionally, Biden touched on COVID-19 recovery, discussing the American Rescue Plan and introducing a “test to treat initiative” to provide immediate access to antiviral pills for those testing positive at pharmacies. Biden also emphasized domestic manufacturing, infrastructure, and competition legislation. He announced Intel’s investment in a semiconductor mega site in Ohio, expected to create 10,000 jobs, and discussed significant investments by Ford and GM in electric vehicles. On healthcare, Biden advocated for Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and capped insulin costs.

Furthermore, he proposed tax reforms targeting wealthy individuals and corporations so as not to raise taxes on those making less than $400,000 annually. The speech concluded on a note of unity, proposing a “Unity Agenda” to address the opioid epidemic, mental health, veteran support, and the Cancer Moonshot program. These initiatives underscore Biden’s appeal for bipartisan support and his administration’s focus on addressing current challenges while laying the groundwork for future prosperity.

Katie Britt
The State of Our Union is Meh
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