Justice Denied: A Story of Civil Forfeiture and Fabricated Evidence in South Dakota

The following was posted in the Facebook group “South Dakota Politics” and is reprinted here with permission:

I need help! 11 months ago I was setup in South Dakota. My car was seized and I currently have 3 cases in Jackson County.

Assistant Attorney General Megan Borchert is pursuing Civil Forfeiture of my car. After 11 months, and sending her over a thousand pages of documentation, I found out she lied to me about the laws, and never had a valid reason to pursue forfeiture action.

January 30th was set for Pretrial. Since Ms Borchert was now aware I knew she had no case to begin with, she requested a continuance. I argued against it, saying she never had a valid reason to pursue the case to begin with! Judge Margo Northrup granted it.

March 27th was the new date set for Trial. Ms Borchert has requested ANOTHER CONTINUANCE! Her reason, and I quote,

“That you’re affiant believes claimant Kathleen Ferrin would be disadvantaged by proceeding with the civil trial before the criminal charges have been resolved.”

I would not be! Ms Borchert would be! That’s not “Good Cause” to call for a continuance. But, Ms Borchert didn’t have”Good Cause” the last time, and Judge Margo Northrup granted her request. So, I have no doubt she’ll do it again.

Especially since in the Criminal Case, she’d allow Prosecutor Van Gorp to dump a bunch of evidence on me 5 minutes before the Evidentiary Hearing, forcing me to call for a continuance to review all of it, which he’d been told to turn over months earlier. And it’s an 8+ hour drive for me to come to court!

When I reviewed the new evidence, it was blatantly obvious he’d literally just created it! A fake call into 911. And fake call logs to accompany it. He created the call logs in the highway patrol database. The two women work at Emergency Communication Services! I have reports they ran when I first got the evidence.! They’re in Rapid City, which is Mountain Time! The “New” evidence is in Central Standard Time, and has a different CFS#.

I’m certain these people didn’t volunteer their time to create the evidence! These people in Jackson County are wasting countless hours of time, and resources, and money! Which I’m certain is not coming out of their pockets! Since it goes all the way up to the Judge in the County, and I tried getting her disqualified with no success, I feel the only way to stop these people, is to let the public know what their hard earned tax dollars are being spent on. I have paperwork proving all of this!

Kathy Ferrin – Facebook Post 3/22/2024

Justice Denied: A Story of Civil Forfeiture and Fabricated Evidence in South Dakota

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