South Dakota from the Air

This video, produced by South Dakota Public Broadcasting, offers a visual and narrative journey through the diverse landscapes and regions of South Dakota. The journey begins with a call to explore the vast landscapes that hold historical and natural beauty, presenting South Dakota as more than just a place but as a vast kingdom of grass and a poem without words. It emphasizes the importance of South Dakota’s great outdoors, supported by funding from South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, South Dakota Tourism, and the Friends of South Dakota Public Broadcasting. The narrative takes us through the powerful welcome of the state’s varied scenery, from the rolling rhythm of the Big Sioux River revealing the beauty of eastern Dakota and its glacial lakes, to the unobstructed horizon of the Upper James River, down through the bread basket of South Dakota. The production highlights major attractions like the silent sentinels of the North watching over the northern hills, the layered history of the Badlands, and the iconic sculpted granite of the Black Hills. These descriptions are woven together with an invitation to marvel at these landscapes, encouraging viewers to experience the state’s industry, agriculture, and civic pride born from the eternal confluence of water which has shaped its modern current. Finally, the production’s funding is reiterated, emphasizing the connection between enjoying South Dakota’s great outdoors and supporting public broadcasting in the state.

South Dakota from the Air

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