Dumb and Dumber: Kyle Rittenhouse and His Fans

I’ve been thinking about Kyle Rittenhouse and how you must be incredibly dumb to flunk your ASVABs that badly.

That got me thinking about some other things. But I need to go through a thought process before I get to my point, so bear with me. Just as you’re going through this, know that my point here is not to mock how stupid Kyle is. But to get to my point, we have to really acknowledge how stupid he is.

The “30” you need to score to pass isn’t a hard score but a percentile. And he didn’t fail it; he just bombed it. To be permanently banned, you have to score below 10.

People with genuine mental disabilities are going to be stopped before they ever take it because of medical reasons.

So you know that George Carlin quote about how dumb the average person is? Half the people are dumber than that.

Imagine the bottom half splitting into a dumb half and a dumber half, and then the dumber half splitting itself into the dumber half and the dumbest half.

Kyle is in the bottom half of that group.

He is dumber than half of half of the stupid half of people. Literally. Objectively. Mathematically.

That would put his IQ around 70-80. He is as dumb as you can be without being clinically retarded.

But let’s take this further.

We learned that he bombed his ASVABs because of the communication saying he was rejected in response to a request by the FBI, as it appears he was applying for that.

To join the FBI, you must have a college degree. The average person with a bachelor’s degree has an IQ of 115.

However, the FBI requires a 3.0 GPA, which means you have to do pretty well in college. So, let’s say the average FBI agent has an IQ of around 120, which is in the top 10 percent.

And Kyle, who is in the bottom 10%, thinks he belongs in that company.

So then I got to thinking. Kyle wanted to be part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The timing of the email in the screencap was two days after he got famous.

This makes me wonder, did he apply before or after he shot people in “in self-defense.” Was he there because he was fantasizing about becoming an FBI agent fighting off terrorists, or did he fantasize about joining the FBI because he had shot a couple of people?

Either way, it shows this severe disconnect between how he sees himself and how he is. It’s like the worst case of Krueger in the history of Dunning-Krueger.

And that gets me to my point of all this. Why is Turning Point doing what it is? It’s cruel. Is Charlie Kirk just as stupid? Or is he just an incredibly cruel and evil person parading his village idiot like a superhero so he can get money?

Please don’t take my word for it; here’s his image consultant confirming this…

Dumb and Dumber: Kyle Rittenhouse and His Fans

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