The Art of The Invert (Guest Post)

The power of introvert

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This topic is a good one. It’s pretty cool that I came up with myself with the help of Astro and Beyond. Gaining this power is quite simple and easy. Think like this: What is Up is also Down. What is Right is also Left. What is Cheap is also Expensive. Knowing this knowledge, you will receive a Gateway to your Heaven or whichever ultimate destination you choose. Whether it’s a place or sound of Mind, let me explain how this works and give you some ideas you can work with. For instance, what is the cheapest thing we mine on this planet? Coal and Rock. And what is the most expensive we mine? Gold and Diamond. When you go outside after showering or bathing, you stand out for about 20 minutes. Wipe your forehead and notice there is dirt or oil. That is from the coal floating in the air. It’s all over this planet, and we breathe this but don’t be alarmed. In the invert world, gold dust and diamonds are everywhere.

With the Power of the Invert, you know this truly is a Golden Planet. We are walking the streets of Gold, Breathing Gold, Sweating Gold, Crying Gold, and Bleeding Gold. Everything we are and do is Golden. Know the Power of the Invert. If you want to buy the most expensive Watch/Ring/or whatever you can’t afford, Buy the Cheapest. Let me explain: what shines brighter than a Diamond? Crystal. Buy yourself a Crystal Watch, Necklace, or Ring, and with the Power of Invert, know that you have the shiniest, most expensive Jewelry out there, and people will see that. Nobody ever asks if it’s real or fake and automatically assumes it’s fake. The penalty for assuming and being wrong is Guilt/Shame. This will prevent them from seeing a nice set of diamonds and gold that everyone else will see through their Astro from the Power of Invert. Study it, Learn it, this is intelligence at its finest and have fun with it. If someone asks if it’s real, you say it’s real. (real Crystal, that is). You’re not Lying are you?. Practice, Practice, Practice. The more you practice, the more Power you will Gain through The Art of The Invert. -Justin Hugh Arrow

The Art of The Invert (Guest Post)

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