The Astral Dimension and Astral Projection (Guest Post)

 I call it Astro.

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 I call it Astro. We’ve all heard and wondered about it. Some people believe it’s dreams. I’ll explain the dream world here in a bit, but let me explain The Astral Dimension/World and how we enter it daily without noticing. It’s pretty simple. The Astral Dimension is our projective thoughts. When we “Day” dream. That is our Astral world. A world in which we have complete control of if used right. How to project. Another simple exercise: wherever you are, look at a corner or doorway and imagine yourself coming around the corner or doorway. Now imagine yourself waving at you. Wave back. You just projected an Astro. Your Astro has been with you the whole time. How you see yourself throughout the day is your Astro; you can do anything with your Astro if you have low self-esteem and think you might not fit in anywhere. Dress up your Astro,  make your Astro beautiful, and send him or her out there. “Use the Daydream sequence and accomplish anything you want with your Astro.

Take time to do this, and you will feel better about yourself; what I did was relive all my most significant moments, The feelings that I produced when I lived those feelings I wanted back, so I used my Astro to relive those moments again. It’s worked, and I feel great about myself and my accomplishments. And still can accomplish with my Astro. Dream Big (Daydream) Set your Astro into your wonderful world of imagination. Visit lost love ones, How do you do that? It’s simple, We all remember our last times together and wish we could have said our last words, well you still can and anytime after that. Pull the person from your memory. Now, engage in the conversation you always wanted with them. The Astral world always tells you what you want to hear or what you want to know; you may think that you’re controlling the conversation, but you’re not; remember, the Astro always tells you what you want to hear. When something is gone, it always resides in your head, A place I call The Astral Dimension.   -Justin Hugh

The Astral Dimension and Astral Projection (Guest Post)

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