The Art of Astral Time Travel (Guest Post)

Astral Time Travel

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If you do not understand what is being written on this topic, then I’d instruct you to read our recent Post on Astral Dimensions and Astral Projection. When you have finished or have read it already, then proceed, Astral Time Travel requires a “Self” Projected Astral or as I call them Astro and a Point in Time using memory. Let me explain how this works. We all wish we could go back in time and build bridges or close doors. We Daydream day in and day out about these “Certain” Points and even stress about what we could have done to make things better. So what you do is to pull up the Point in Time in Astral (your mind). One thing about using Astro is that you can move freely around and say what you want. Most people, if not all, are stuck on stress. What happened in that Now moment and what happened after that moment but Never before. What has been done or said we believe cannot be fixed. But it can. Let me give you an example. There was a time when I might have said something wrong to someone out of Anger or Over Confidence and they stopped coming around. And that person was actually a good person. It stressed me out and killed me inside knowing I lost a potential good friend.

That was the Past. Now, I was able to go back in time using my Astro and fix the problem. What I did first was allow the person inside my head to see the very best side of me. I pulled up the best memories I had and showed them who I truly was and also showed the potential that we could have had as a friendship. I just kept flashing images of me and us doing great things together. After that I went into the Now (Present Day) and brought them into my mind (Astral) and apologized to them. I poured my heart out because I saw that this was my only chance. I managed to convince them that I was a good person because I really am a good person. Then, I ended it on good terms, and it became an instant memory on sight. So what happens when you do this is that the Atmosphere from that time changes into a new Atmosphere in this time, Now. I knew that I had done the right thing and what I said was true. And I believed it and so did They. I felt better knowing that I had closure and truly believed that when I saw them Now, it was going to be okay. When the Time come we crossed paths and even though it’s been so long it was like we known each other since. We talked like old times and when I left I felt better about it. It worked. I couldn’t believe it. The Atmosphere around our Lost Friendship changed into our Newfound Frienship.

You really have to believe in this in order for it to work and take time doing it, don’t just think and five minutes later you think you’re done. I don’t work like that. Take time. It must of taken me at least a couple hours or more because that’s what I really wanted. Afterwards I closed my eyes and hung my head low and told myself That’s what I wanted. I asked Myself and Myself received it. And that’s what I got. Everything is literally in front of you. Just think about it. And Believe that it’s possible, because it is. I knew Then that I can now go back in time and fix any Bridges that were broken using the Astral Dimension in me, using The Art of Astral Time Travel   -Justin Hugh

The Art of Astral Time Travel (Guest Post)

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