The Vow: Nature’s Order (Guest Post)

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On my Journey, I learned how to respect all life. One day, I stood there and told myself that I was never going to kill another Fly as long as I lived. I once encountered a sticky fly trap and zoomed in on it; I could see all the little flies stuck there with their arms and legs moving around. Stuck. I attempted to save one by pulling it off the stickiness, When I did I put it on the table and attempted to wipe it off, but it was no use., there was no hope. As much as I tried to, the stickiness was stuck. I then told the Fly “Sorry for what has been done to you, you will be safe no matter where you go, Believe me,” I then Bowed my head and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I told the fly I would put It back so it could be with all Its other friends on the fly trap. The images that I saw were seared into my mind. I Vowed never to kill a single Art of Nature again. I felt this feeling go through me at that moment. Whoever or Whatever It was must have seen my attempt and given me the ability to connect with all of Nature. Since then, I have encountered snakes, spiders, praying mantis, wild dogs, and cats. We all look at each other like we’re all in it together. Trees, Water, and Dirt are all in existence. We saw that we were all here together. This is our home. I walk this Earth now knowing that I am a man of Nature. And it all came from The Vow (Nature’s Order). -Justin Hugh

The Vow: Nature’s Order (Guest Post)

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