The Art of Illuminati (Guest Post)

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When it comes to Illuminati, most people, if not all, believe it worships the Devil. You hear this and believe it everywhere you go. The Concept of The Illuminati intrigues us all. Whether you believe in it or not, the propaganda around It makes us Wonder why and what is going on in this world. If it wasn’t for this propaganda, How would we think? The use of the Propaganda around it helps us dissect our minds as we enter Curiosity. First, we Wonder. Then we get Curious. We Investigate. Then we enter Realization. A sequence that was developed in an Art of thinking called “It”. You Are you, and I AM me.  I AM me, and you Are you. This is That and That is This. We are Them and Them are Us, That is That and This is This. “This is It, That is It” You’ll find this written in the Literature of Allan Watts called “IT”. Everything that we look upon or “Catches our Eye” whether it’s a writing, symbol, or a heard conversation, IT is meant for us to see, hear, and seek so we can all come to an understanding of what we heard or saw. The state of Realisation(Lusion). We then Now know what we wanted to know. And this goes in everything, just like the Fibonacci sequence. The more we realize the more we come in tune with the infinite. Illuminati means The Enlightened Ones/The Shining Ones.

The true production of one’s own self-defiance and self-exploration in mind. It’s what separates us from all other realities we face on this Planet(Plan It). This Plan It(Planet) is a Wondrous Planet. In order to elevate our consciousness we must first accept what is out there. Life is Beautiful and is a gift given with a conscience. With the gift of life and given conscience, we can be free with our minds and explore. Like Adam and Eve did, and look were we are now. We are in The Age of Realization. We evolved and continue to evolve. All it takes is One person and their Literature to elevate and Ascend into Mastership and that One person is You. And Me. And Them. And Us. We as All. As we come together as a United Society we can all move forward into a New World Order. An Order where we all come together for the better of ourselves and each other and for the protection of our Planet. Illuminati is a conscience. A conscience we develop through our Searches. True knowledge is Ascension. We want to know. So search for it. I did, and look what I have become. Lusion is an Art. A God-given conscience I received on my own. Whether you’re a believer or not, all you have to do is believe the Lord in you and the God in you. if not, then Believe in yourself. Because even you yourself can become a Lord and a God. All things are possible through… The Art of Illuminati. -Justin Hugh

The Art of Illuminati (Guest Post)

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