Vote Yes On F For Higher Property Taxes

Amendment F will raise SD property taxes. We know that growing government bureaucracy and increasing red tape requirements will end up denying healthcare to people who otherwise would qualify. This means more patients will face claims they cannot pay.

Our healthcare systems will end up with more unpaid bills. Who pays those? We all do. How?

With higher healthcare costs, higher insurance premiums, and in South Dakota hospital systems like Sanford ask the local county to pay those unpaid medical debts.

How do the counties pay for those debts? They use their main source of funding—-property taxes.

So if you like higher property taxes, more government bureaucracy, more paperwork for small business owners to fill out to maintain their workforce, and more state employees hired to simply deny people health insurance, than support Amendment F.

I’m glad it’s letter F on the November election ballot. As an economics professor, that’s the grade l’d give it as a proposed constitutional amendment. 5 of 5


Plagiarized from a Reynold Nesiba Twitter thread.

Vote Yes On F For Higher Property Taxes

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