SDDP podcast episode 21 “Felon”

– Former President Donald Trump was convicted on 34 counts, marking him the first ex-president to be a convicted felon.

– Key evidence included Michael Cohen and a paper trail; Trump plans to appeal.

– Sentencing is scheduled for July 11; potential punishments include up to four years per count.

– South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed House Bill 1125, banning certain hemp-derived THC products as of July 2024.

– Governor Noem denies allegations of receiving compensation for endorsing Smile Texas; lawsuit dismissed but may be reinstated.

– Voter reactions to Trump’s conviction vary across swing states, with opinions on whether the trial was fair or politically motivated.

-South Dakota’s median marriage age is lower than the national average, likely due to conservative and religious beliefs.

– Late marriages are linked to higher education, career priorities, and financial stability; linked to declining birth and divorce rates.

SDDP podcast episode 21 “Felon”

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