Podcast Episode 022 For He’s A Jolly Good Felon


– South Dakota’s officials criticize the NYC jury’s decision to convict Trump of 34 felonies.

– Gov. Kristi Noem faces backlash from tribes for alleged false claims about drug cartels on reservations.

– YouTubers offer emotional fulfillment through parasocial relationships.

– Financial contributions to PACs in South Dakota, focusing on Toby Doden’s mix-up regarding a $100,000 loan.

– Carl Habee calls for GOP retaliation after Trump’s conviction.

– Financial aid programs struggle with rural hospitals; the inclusion of hospitals in the 340B program is debated.

– Gov. Noem hires former chief of staff Jordan Stoick as a federal lobbyist.

– Fracking in Pennsylvania may provide substantial lithium resources.

– Rapid City man William George Knight was indicted for involvement in the Capitol insurrection.

Podcast Episode 022 For He’s A Jolly Good Felon

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