Podcast Episode 024 Pride and Prejudice

In this week’s South Dakota Department of Propaganda podcast, we dive deep into the riveting topics of LGBTQ+ safety rankings, the thrilling world of primary election turnout, the nail-biting drama of Trump’s guilty verdict, the riveting controversy surrounding Governor Kristi Noem’s book, and the edge-of-your-seat suspense of voter opposition to pipeline projects. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions as we navigate the treacherous waters of South Dakota politics, where the only thing more dangerous than a low voter turnout is a pipeline project in the wrong hands. 

 – The SafeHome.org ranking for LGBTQ+ safety is based on legislative measures and hate crime data from the FBI.

 – Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Delaware scored highest, while South Dakota and Florida scored lowest due to anti-equality laws and hate crimes.

 – Alaska’s progressive direction includes openly LGBTQ+ legislators; Hawaii ranks high due to strong legal protections.

 – Advocates are successfully challenging anti-equality laws, as seen in South Dakota.

 – Discussions about South Dakota’s historically low primary election turnout mention the potential impact of sparse candidate competition and election resources.

 – Proposed solutions for low voter turnout include open primaries regardless of party affiliation.

– A recent poll on Trump’s guilty verdict shows a nearly evenly split public opinion. The poll reveals divisive sentiments while showing stable approval ratings for both Trump and Biden.

 – Governor Kristi Noem’s book faces backlash for alleged inaccuracies and racial implications about protests and political events.

 – Voter opposition to pipeline projects in South Dakota has led to significant political changes and the defeat of incumbents supporting such projects.

 – Calls for election reforms and policy changes continue as voters signal their demand for change in political representation and decision-making.

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Podcast Episode 024 Pride and Prejudice

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